Swiss Chocolates (by Melanie Shelby)s

Pistachio Crunch Truffles with Strawberry Sugar Dust (by spachethespatula)

Recipe here!

Cake batter truffles that I made! Basically heaven in food-form. :)

Homemade Chocolate Truffles (by Pison Jaujip)

Chocolate love (by Apprecie)

Lindt Chocolate (by Apprecie)

Truffles! (by Apprecie)


chocolate ale truffles: recipe here


Cake Bon Bons!  (recipe)


Red Velvet Truffles. &recipe here.

Halloween Recipe: Spooky Spider Chocolate Truffles (by Cooking On The Weekends)

Recipe here!

Cake Batter Truffles (by lorinelise)

Chocolate Truffle Triangles (by Sugar for the brain)

Recipe here!